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Last month, I thoroughly enjoyed presenting “Why Your Professional Image Matters” to the Colorado Springs Hispanic Chamber of Commerce – Adelante Leadership Institute Fellows. They are an inspiring and engaging group of business and community leaders who were eager to learn how to be more effective at what they did.

I have the utmost respect for those who are committed to serving as leaders, and working to uplift their communities in meaningful ways. Their work is especially important today when so many of our communities are facing immense challenges.

Good leaders are always in service to others. They have the ability to inspire others to act through mentorship, guidance and more. They also use their knowledge to educate and edify others along the way. Most often, their strong values motivate them to act on their beliefs.

Leadership is a dynamic process where we build on our experiences and learn by doing. So whether you possess all of the leadership attributes listed above or none at all, there are always opportunities for growth.

This is why I love teaching motivated women how to use effective leadership skills, including image and style strategies designed to create a powerful image and brand. I know that these leadership skills and strategies can result in undeniable confidence and boundless success.

If you want to know how you can become a better leader, my Lipstick & Leadership  executive leadership program is right for you! To learn more about this program, let’s chat.

Here’s to your ongoing success as an inspiring leader!

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