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Etiquette is important and often a deciding factor when it comes to acquiring your next client, job offer or business venture. It’s a collection of spoken and unspoken rules, and the expectation is that you know what they are. But do you?
Dining etiquette is one of those things you’re expected to know. For example, placing your napkin on the left of your plate in a crumpled fashion, tells your server you’re finished with your meal. Utensils are used beginning with the one farthest from your plate and you work your way in. Of course, this isn’t all there is to dining etiquette.
Social etiquette is another of those things you’re expected to know. Ideally, you would arrive at a cocktail party in someone’s home 15 minutes after the start time and leave when you see everyone else doing so. You’re expected to know what to bring with you and the appropriate attire for these occasions.  And there’s more.
What’s the best way to handle a conflict you’re having with a colleague? Or a delicate money situation? You’re expected to know the appropriate actions to take in all these situations.
If you don’t really feel confident about your knowledge in one or more of these areas, it’s time to polish your image and etiquette skills. Lucky for you, my Manners For The Modern Age™ event is almost here. We’ll be reviewing several important aspects of business etiquette. Look for my announcement on my website’s Event page, and sign up quickly! Remember, a great image is truly priceless!
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