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Summer is beginning to wind down and while we’re still enjoying our colorful floral outfits, cool sun glasses, and refreshing tropical drinks, it often feels like the new fall/winter season is nipping at our sandals.  

Meanwhile, I’m busy studying the new fashions, buying a few chic pieces and getting ready to share what I know with my clients. I love fashion, and I especially love introducing new fashion to my clients. I’ll be sharing my fall/winter trend report with them soon!

Right now, it’s time for you to review what you have in your closet. Do your existing fall/winter pieces make you look and feel great? Do they still fit? Do they meet all of your current lifestyle needs? These are a few important questions that you need to consider as you assess what you have and determine what pieces you should keep, toss, donate, tailor or sell. Completing this process will help you identify what you may need to replace and/or add for the new season. Then you’ll be ready to create your shopping budget.

Speaking of shopping, did you attend my “How To Be A Savvy Shopper”workshop that I held this spring? If so, the information I shared will be very helpful to you as you plan your shopping trip. Remember my tips about the best time to shop for your foundation pieces. The new fall/winter fashions are already popping up in all your favorite shops!

Are you ready to get started? If not, let’s talk. I have a proven track record of helping successful, motivated individuals just like you build a beautiful wardrobe that works for your budget and is customized to meet your specific image and style needs. Remember, when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you perform better in everything that you do. Let me show you how!

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