I’m Lynette Jones

As an Image Expert, I know the importance of a first impression, which is why I feel so strongly about enhancing your professional image and brand. As CEO at When Style Matters, I focus on the ABCs” of a Great Image: Appearance, Behavior and Communication. I teach motivated women how to use effective leadership skills, including image and style strategies designed to create a powerful image and brand resulting in undeniable confidence and boundless success.

Style has always been an intimate part of my life. From an early age, my parents impressed upon me the importance of impeccable character and style. I knew I had it when one of the toughest girls in high school approached me – and I thought she was going to beat me up, but instead she asked me to “girl her up, but I better not tell anyone.” You see, even as a teenager, I was known for great style!  And so began my (informal) career as an Image Expert. And, yes – I can keep a secret.

I’m a public speaker and trainer with 20+ years of successful executive leadership, image development, and business experience and expertise. In 2020, I founded Lipstick & Leadership™, an Executive Leadership Program for accomplished women who are influencers in their industries, communities, and beyond. Increasing your productivity and fine tuning your problem-solving skills are just a couple of the many benefits of participating in Lipstick & Leadership™.

I speak from a place of love and knowledge, inspiring and engaging my audiences wherever I go. One of my gifts is understanding the deep connection between your personal image and your professional success, which goes to the heart of my work. I train women to trust their instincts and to lead confidently with style, compassion, and integrity.

When Style Matters was founded in 2008 in San Diego, CA and in 2012, I relocated to CO. From my home-base in Colorado Springs, I’m actively engaged in leading change to empower women and girls around the globe. I currently serve in a number of capacities including: Chair of the Colorado Springs 2023 International Womens Day Celebration, KPWE Scholars Program at UCCS Advisory Board Member, and Rocky Mountain Womens Film Core Team Member.

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