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Happy First Day of Spring! 

I’m eager to welcome this new spring season, not just for the warmer weather (which I’m totally ready for), but also because of the new spring colors and fashions that are trending.

One of my favorite new colors is called empire yellow. It’s bold and bright, just like the stylish outfits I’ve shown. When I saw the new colors of this season, I immediately thought about all the spring flowers that we’ll soon be enjoying.

I’m excited to add empire yellow to my spring wardrobe. Adding a few trending colors to your existing wardrobe will keep it fresh and current. Whether it’s a few new tops, colorful scarves, a great new spring jacket, or a fun new pair of sandals — color is an easy way to make your spring wardrobe pop!

So, what’s your favorite new color of the season? If you’re not familiar with the colors and fashions that are trending, now’s a great time to visit your clothing boutiques and shops to see what they have in store.

If you’d like to chat before you invest in new wardrobe pieces, schedule an appointment now. I’m here for you!

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