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  • Many years ago when pursuing my business degrees professors would tell us students that, " Within seven seconds your appearance and body language tells the world whether you are ready to do business or not."  This is a door that even a top notched degree from an ivy league school cannot open because your appearance is the "first door."  I have found this to be true both in my career and as a small business owner. My organization assists small businesses and my co workers and I frequent functions where politicians, city officials and various other VIP attend to obtain exposure and possible grant funding.  I have been able to establish professional relationships due to my appearance and the manner in which I present myself.  People often approach me and say something like, "You are a very sharp dresser" or "you dress very professional."  Then other conversations would follow such as what organization do you represent and what do you do?  As a business owner of 18 years I have been able to market my business in upscale business communities and be taken seriously. I have made some valuable contacts that have boosted my career as well as my business. Thanks to "When Style Matters" I am not just a face in the crowd, but a face that people remember and want to know more about.

    Carol Wiley, MBA
    Carol Wiley, MBA San Diego Small Business Development Center - San Diego, California
  • When I was 48 what almost held me back in becoming a Mary Kay  Consultant was my lack of confidence in how I looked and how I dressed.  From the time I was in my 20's entering the business world I never had the confidence to select the proper clothing for my body, wear the make up that added that special touch or the ease of choosing my style. This contributed to my lack of confidence and self esteem! I had always heard of image consultants but was afraid to try one out and felt it was a waste of time and money. I just figured I was one of those gals who was not feminine enough to figure it out.  I took a leap of faith and became a Mary Kay Consultant and from there sought the advice of Lynette at 'When Style Matters.' When I met her I felt immediately at ease and knew I needed to invest in understanding who "I" was and how God created me. I am now able to wake up every morning with the confidence to arrange my wardrobe needed for the day. Whether it is extremely casual to dressy, I understand how I am made and what I need to make me feel comfortable in my own skin! Shopping is now a pleasure instead of a concern. I am now able to work my business with less focus on my appearance and more focus on the needs of others.  Lynette has been encouraging, gentle and very skilled at directing me where I need it most. I consider her a friend and confidante.  

    Kathy Davis - Independent Consultant
    Kathy Davis - Independent Consultant Mary Kay - Monument, Colorado
  • Lynette, THANK YOU for transforming my life! Growing up (and even later) I never learned how to dress right for my body type. Shopping for clothes has always been a drag for me and after my Signature Elite™ Style Day with you, I actually tossed out 95% of the clothes in my closet! Thank you for giving me the tools and confidence to go shopping now and actually have fun doing so. Wearing my new outfits is giving me so much more confidence. I feel much more professional and have been attracting a lot more clients. Moving forward and yes, Style Does Matter!!!

    Sabine Mann, Mortgage Loan Originator
    Sabine Mann, Mortgage Loan Originator Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. - Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Lynette Jones is truly an expert on personal image and branding. She specializes in that first impression: not just where clothing is concerned, but in your "brand" - how you show up, how you represent your business and communicate. From color analysis, finding those "power colors & combinations," to the punch my business advertising could use to take my services up a notch and attract the customers whom would most appreciate my services. A full day - VIP Style Day with Lynette Jones is money VERY well spent.  I was able to immediately come home and pull those items from my wardrobe that have been hanging in my closet with question marks all these years; now I know the answer to those questions of why they weren't working for me. If you are serious about showing your best you in your own pursuit of excellence, then Lynette of 'When Style Matters' is your first step; trust me ... it matters! Thank you Lynette!

    Valerie Caruso, CSW, FWS, Wine Educator & Owner
    Valerie Caruso, CSW, FWS, Wine Educator & Owner Vino with Val - Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Lynette joined our networking group and has been an absolute delight.  From the moment she visited the group she impressed you with her impeccable style and words of wisdom. You just want to spend time with her to learn how to make such a great impression by the way one dresses and conducts oneself; we all want to be able to walk into a room looking stylish and being incredibly confident. She always has a great inspirational saying when she talks about her business and in doing so raises the bar for us all.  I have attended her 'Lunch & Learn - Why You Need To Have Style'.  In that 60 minutes Lynette uses great personal examples to impart why style matters to each of us and how to easily make simple changes to make an impression.  I feel that she has so much to teach each of us about how to obtain success in all aspects of our lives.  In the short time Lynette has been in Colorado Springs she has made an impression with everyone.  Her 'style' attracts people - she is a living example of her company name!"

    Bernadine Manning, Decorating Specialist
    Bernadine Manning, Decorating Specialist Berni's Beautiful Decor / Bern-it-Up, Inc. - Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Lynette is the type of person who lights up a room... her engaging conversation, her kind disposition and her impeccable style! Her VIP Style Day was incredible. She is a pleasure to spend time with. I was expecting to learn a "few" things but the VIP day was intense (in a good way). I learned an amazing amount of information, above and beyond what I imagined!! It's been several weeks and I'm still going over the information. Its been a lot of fun choosing which accessories, colors and styles that I now know will work for me. Coworkers notice a change and compliment me! If you are interested in updating your style, don't hesitate! You will not regret working with Lynette. The sooner you do it, the sooner you'll begin lighting up your own rooms!  

    Tejae Floyde, Merchandising Manager
    Tejae Floyde, Merchandising Manager PaperDirect - Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Working with Lynette has been such a treat! Through her expert guidance, we have transformed my wardrobe and image to one that works to my advantage. This has given me so many benefits, such as simplifying my shopping, saving me money, enhancing my appearance and boosting my self confidence. I feel that it would be advantageous for anyone to work with Lynette.

    Susan I. Lipp, CMD
    Susan I. Lipp, CMD Juice Plus - Kerrville, Texas
  • Having been approached by other image consultants in the past, I must say that none have compared with the classy, total package style of Lynette Jones. If you think that clothes are the only thing you'll learn about from Lynette, you're in for a huge awakening! After attending Lynette's VIP Intensive, "Bolster Your Confidence To Capture The Clients You WANT In 30 Days!" it became apparent to me that style is about a lot more than clothing. Lynette addresses the total you - both inside and out!

    Debra Williams, Financial Advisor
    Debra Williams, Financial Advisor Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • I really enjoyed learning about style for the business woman and how important our image is. Lynette is gracious and tactful in how she represents the importance of image and business etiquette.

    Gina Alagata, Founder & CEO
    Gina Alagata, Founder & CEO Women Inkorporated (WINK) - San Diego, California
  • Before meeting with Lynette, shopping was – if I liked it, I purchased it. Sometimes those “liked” items would not get worn for a long time. After my VIP Style Day I understand why that happened. Now I shop with power, and with my personal shopping tools. They work every time. Thank You Lynette!  

    Tracey Hynson, Counselor
    Tracey Hynson, Counselor Lancaster, South Carolina
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