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Polka Dots Can Work For Any Occasion! 

I’ve always loved polka dots, especially polka dot blouses and dresses. For some reason, they just make me happy. This spring, you’re going to see an array of colorful polka dot clothing and accessories in your favorite boutiques and shops. Some of you may be shy about wearing polka dots for fear that they may make you appear bigger than you really are. I have some good news for you — this isn’t necessarily true. However, the key is knowing how to wear polka dots.

So what’s the right way to wear this fun pattern? I’m glad you asked!

Wearing polka dots and most other patterns for that matter, will depend upon your body and style. The size of your patterns and prints should be in harmony with your bone structure and other key measurements. This is an important part of being stylish. You can’t be a savvy shopper, nor create a stylish wardrobe that reflects the best of your personality, body, and lifestyle, without this essential information.

The models I’ve chosen to display above are wearing great polka dot outfits. They’re perfect examples of how pattern and design can be used to accentuate your best body features. At the same time, the areas you don’t want to draw attention to are minimized.

This spring and summer, you’ll have a variety of beautiful patterns and designs to choose from. My desire is that you’ll wear them with complete confidence. But if you’re uncertain about what may or may not work for you, then let’s connect. Schedule a no-obligation appointment with me, and we’ll talk about your interests and style needs.

Here’s to enhancing your confidence and style!

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